Serenity (Lavender) Bath Soak for instant stress-relief. 

Lavender is one of nature's best anxiety relievers and antidotes for restlessness. Take a few scoops of this soothing mix and let it fall in your warm/hot, running bath water. Allow the aromatic healing properties of the lavender to calm your senses as you submerge yourself in your bath. While you lay and relax, the epsom salts will work to loosen any stiffness present in your body and rid you of toxins that cause inflammation.

Serenity (Lavender) Bath Soak

13,99 €Price
  • ✓Magnesium Sulfate
    ✓Mineral Dead Sea Salt

    ✓Ultra-Blue-Grade Lavender

    ✓Premium Grade Lavender Essential Oil
    ✓Premium Grade Jasmine Essential Oil
    ✓Premium Grade Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

    ✓Vegan Soap Coloring

  • 12 ounces / 340 grams