Our Rebirth bath salts will detox your body and mind as you sink into your bath. Sandalwood oil with hints of vanilla gives this bath soak an earthy yet slightly sweet scent that you will absolutely love.

The black lava hawaiian sea salt will work to extract any impurities within your skin while the mineral dead sea salt will relax your muscles, soothe your aches and work to get rid of dead skin cells to make room for renewed skin.

The essential oils will work to ease your mind as you unwind in your skin-renewing bath.

You will feel new - as if reborn into fresh skin and a new state of mind.


Rebirth Bath Salt

14,99 €Price
    • Magnesium Sulfate
    • Mineral Dead Sea Salt
    • Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt
    • Bay leaves
    • Premium Sandalwood oil
    • Premium Vanilla fragrance oil